Retainer Fee
Renter understands that a non-refundable retainer fee of 20% is needed to secure event date.
This fee should be paid immediately upon receipt of invoice.
This fee will be applied towards balance of venue rental.

Skyhigh Events Alcohol Policy

All liabilities arising from the consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal narcotics on the premises are the responsibility of the Client.
                         *Beer, wine, and mixed drinks MUST be served by our certified bartenders. *
Alcohol service must cease 30 MINUTES before Client’s tear-down time begins.
Specific behavior that will not be tolerated at Skyhigh Events can include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Fighting
• Destruction of property
• Disrespectful conduct (to other Guests, Vendors or Skyhigh events staff)
• Allowing minor persons to consume alcohol.
• Possession and/or consumption of a personal supply of alcohol – this includes private vehicles
located in the Event Center parking areas.
• Consumption of alcohol not served by bartender.

At Skyhigh Events sole discretion, Skyhigh Events reserves the rights to:
• Evict any person(s) engaging in unacceptable activities outlined above, or not complying with the decision of Skyhigh Events.
• Close the bar and remove all alcoholic beverages from Skyhigh Events property.
• Withhold Client’s Security Deposit.

                        *All Connecticut State Laws and Federal Laws must be always adhered to.*

Incidental Deposit

Renter agrees to a $350 incidental security deposit for damages, which will be returned to the Renter upon settlement, minus any amounts deemed necessary to repair damages inflicted upon the venue by the Renter and/or Renter's associates, guests, invitees, vendors, and all other persons who enter the venue during the rental period, whether or not such persons did so with Renter's knowledge or consent. The incidental deposit is due 48 hours before the scheduled event date and is non-negotiable. If not received, access to the venue will be denied and no refunds will be given.
This incidental deposit is a separate transaction from the booking retainer. The incidental deposit is intended to cover damages to the property and/or Owner's inventory, missing items, smoking fee. The incidental deposit will be held until the venue is thoroughly inspected. The owner will communicate any damage charges that are to be charged. If the inspection comes back clear and the Owner has no reason to charge the Renter, the full incidental deposit will be returned within 3 business days.

Should the Renter request a date change after contract signed, The Owner will make a reasonable effort to accommodate the new date depending upon the availability of the venue. The Owner will allow up to 1 reschedule/date change at no additional charge. If an additional change is needed the Renter will be charged a $200 change fee to reschedule event.
In the event of a cancellation, the Renter should notify the Owner, no later than 14 days prior to the event date. Any payments made up to the point of cancellation will not be refunded and considered the property of the Owner. Should the event be canceled after the deadline, the Owner may collect the full fee owed, including any applicable interest that may arise, charged to the payment on file.
Renter understands and agrees that all payments are non-refundable under any circumstances. Force Majeure: Renter understand that Owner will not be held responsible for failure to provide event services due to emergencies, catastrophes, epidemic, pandemics, outbreaks, or interruptions of public utilities. Owner cannot be held responsible for power outages and problems beyond our control. Owner will allow you to reschedule if possible. Sometimes there are unforeseen problems that might not be resolved in time for your event however, we will do everything within reason to work through issues that may arise.
ACTS OF GOD: Renter understand that Owner will not be held responsible for Acts of God, natural disasters, including resulting damage to persons or property.